Get out and about in stunning Northumberland

Have a Mosey around Morpeth on a 2.3 mile walking route or tackle the Hadrian Hike on a 5.1 mile route that takes in the breathtaking Northumberland countryside.

Both routes are unsuitable for cyclists or wheelchair users.

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Mosey Around Morpeth

One of Northumberland’s most unique and best-loved market towns, Morpeth has a wealth of attractions and landmarks for walkers. History and heritage combines with hustle and bustle in this picturesque town where its proud traditions are maintained.

Hadrian Hike

A looping hike that takes in some absolutely breathtaking countryside. Soak up rural Northumberland, from setting off at a former Roman stronghold to visiting one of the most famous trees in the country. Set your heart racing on some challenging ascents and take in the history of the site as you coast back downhill.

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