Our Mission

Across the North East active travel is more popular than ever as people keep up their new love of walking, wheeling, and cycling post lockdown.

Did you know that in parts of the North East cycling has increased up to 120%? (Based on April 2021 regional data). It shouldn’t stop there; we want to keep this push towards green, sustainable transport going.

Our mission is to help people across the North East travel in an active way by giving them the skills and inspiration to do so.

On this site you’ll find handy resources to help you and your family make smarter travel choices using our region-wide cycling and walking network. The resources include:

  • Interactive North East walking and cycling maps to help you plan your journey for leisure or work in a more sustainable way
  • Fun travel itineraries and guides, providing inspiration for active travel days out across the region
  • Region-wide ‘Go Smarter, Go Active’ cycling events- with bookable sessions aimed at boosting public confidence in cycling.

The campaign

Go Smarter, Go Active is an active travel campaign which aims to increase active travel journeys in the region.

Go Smarter, Go Active was first delivered by Transport North East on behalf of the North East Joint Transport Committee in 2021 to encourage walking, cycling and wheeling journeys across the Nort East post covid lockdown. Now, Go Smarter, Go Active is delivered by the North East CA (North East Combined Authority).

The brand has been revived to help people make smarter sustainable travel choices, while improving air pollution levels and the health and wellbeing of the general public. In 2024, a series of cycling events will be offered through the Go Smarter, Go Active programme, thanks to government funding from Active Travel England’s Capability Fund. Each local authority in the region will be holding their own training events designed to help to boost public confidence in cycling and active travel as a whole. The events will include cycle training for children and adults, Bikeability, Dr. Bike sessions, Cycle Maintenance Training, E-Bike training and much more.

Increasing active travel use and encouraging more people to make sustainable transport choices is a key part of the North East Transport Plan. The Transport Plan is a live programme of 243 local transport schemes, totalling around £6.8bn of local transport investment which will help to deliver the vision of moving to a green, healthy, dynamic and thriving North East. The plan will help achieve better health outcomes for people in the region by encouraging active travel and getting people to travel by more sustainable means. Another key part of the plan is the introduction of measures which make sustainable travel, including cycling and walking, a more attractive, greener, and easy alternative to getting around, as well as making travel in the North East net carbon zero.

About Go Smarter Go active

Travel Itineraries

Explore the North East in an active way this summer. Find inspiration on where to walk and cycle for days out across Newcastle, Gateshead, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Sunderland, County Durham and Northumberland. Grab the family and let’s go!