BLOG: Hot Weather Cycling: How to be safe and keep cool

Summer is upon on us, to make the most getting out and enjoying cycling in the North East, we’ve outlined some great ways to get out and about safely as the temperature increases.

Wear your helmet

It can be tempting to remove your helmet in the warmer weather but it’s still unsafe to cycle without your helmet. Try one with a vented top or mesh panel to keep you cool.

Stay hydrated

Drink water little and often on your ride and make sure that there are places along your route to either refill and/or rest.

Stay safe in the sun

If you’re out in the sun on a ride you’ll need to stay safe and wear sun cream/block to avoid getting sunburnt. Why not pack a small spray or roll on sun cream in your backpack so you have it with you on the go?

Carry the essentials

Aside from water and sun cream, make sure you’ve got snacks, a basic puncture repair kit and a first aid kit if you can. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Plan when you’re going to stop to apply your sun cream, have a snack and a break. Take a look at your lights and lock before you start your journey and check that your kit is in perfect working order.

Map out your route

Mapping out your route is important so you know the gradients of hills you have to climb, the distance you’ll be covering and any alternative routes you might have to take. Your route should have plenty of places to take a break, go to the toilet or grab something to eat.

Avoid cycling at the hottest part of the day

If you can, try cycling in the morning or the evenings when it’s cooler. Not only is it better for you with less sun exposure, but it’s a good way to wake yourself up in the morning or cool down after a busy day!

Wear the right clothing

There have been great advances in cycling technology, even when it comes to the clothing we wear on our bikes! In warm weather, look at getting clothing with wicking material and mesh material. This will help keep you cool. Sunglasses are pretty much essential in warmer weather too.

For evening rides, pack a light gilet, arm warmers or long sleeved top so you can layer up if the evening gets cooler. Make sure to wear high visibility clothing too!

Keep safe and let others know where you are

Before you head out on your journey, make sure someone has an idea of when you expect to return. This can be effective in helping keep yourself safe in case of any accidents, especially if you’re going out on your own.

For extra safety, you might want to use a GPS tracking app of some kind for example What3Words. (The app is used by emergency services across the UK and maps the whole world into 3m x 3m squares, meaning that if you do have an accident, you can pinpoint your exact location to within 3 metres. This will make it much easier for emergency services or family to find you).

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